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This past Sunday (10/23) the weird world of entertainment lost Pete Burns. Just 57 years old, the androgynous pioneer suffered from a massive cardiac arrest as confirmed by his manager Monday morning. 2016 hasn’t exactly been a banner year as far as deaths go (and hell, a large number of other things too, let’s face it).

A perpetual diva and an entity all unto himself Burns rose to commercial stardom in 1985 when his group Dead Or Alive released the album Youthquake dead-or-alive-%22youthquake%22-covercontaining the mega hit “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)”, which, up until his dying day would continue to remain a meal ticket for the singer as well as a nail in a coffin of a very tumultuous career. When I first discovered Dead Or Alive I was much too young to really understand the endless concept and art that went behind Pete and DOA. As I got older and of course began to really understand Music and Art and obsess over it more and more, Dead Or Alive really did stick out to me. It wasn’t even so much the kitschy music as it was so obviously Pete Burns at the helm of this often bizarre and confusing outfit which I wound up loving. His outlandish behavior and looks over the vast many years made people love or hate him. Not knowing him personally I’d imagine there really was absolutely no in-between. I even missed a chance to see Dead Or Alive play at a beach club once because I was too young to get in. I did indeed try to sneak in after being turned away but got caught. I didn’t want to risk catching any heat from the large security men, me being a young boy with weird hair, eye make-up and a bright polkadot shirt on.

Clearly addicted to plastic surgery, even after his very first botched nose job. Burns continued to have extensive work done, “Getting a new face is like buying a sofa”. His lips were destroyed and rebuilt, he had several rhinoplasties and beyond…way beyond. Apparently no part of his body except the soles of his feet went untouched by needle or knife and his entire earnings were spent on destroying and rebuilding his looks, even selling off the rights of his songs to do so. pete-burnsSelf esteem issues were obviously present in a man who was indeed once beautiful and possessed a voice so powerful it would rumble your floorboards. What can really be said about Pete Burns that he already hadn’t said or done anyway? Not much. There were few as blunt and daring and fucking Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know as one Pete Burns. He showed us all what it meant to truly let your freak flag fly. His outlandish behavior, outfits and commentary on the UK’s version of reality television show Big Brother brought him back into the mainstream. Train wreck or not, you couldn’t take your eyes off him. Bending genre and gender to the point of utter shatter he was truly a force of nature. Whether he was burning American flags in Texas or bridges with record labels, he did it with such a grandiose flair that was uncompromised and next to few if not none.

Icon? Yes. Lunatic? Probably. One of a kind? Absolutely. It’s a shame that another colorful character had to be taken away from us in this very confusing year. Pete may have been impossible but he shared with us the fact that you can do YOU no matter what…but again, at what cost? Money, relationships…your face? I’d dare say that few will ever be as brazen. So, thank you Pete, whether is was brave or just plain crazy I’m hoping you’re shit kicking the afterlife on glitter platforms…”I just keep a hearing, you runnin’ on up my stairs but you’re not there”…R.I.P.

“People always want to know – am I gay, bi, trans or what? I say, forget all that. There’s got to be a completely different terminology and I’m not aware if it’s been invented yet. I’m just Pete.”

About two weeks ago former Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy/Pogo (now going by birth name Stephen Bier) made some headlines in the rock community after humorously wishing the death of his former frontman via comments on social media. As you know, the internet loves drama. I was able to connect with Bier and get from him his first interview in years. I wanted to go straight to the source. Any day of the week we can hear about Manson’s rants and raves but his former bandmates still have voices and very much need to be heard. Below is my correspondence with Mr. Bier who happily obliged in answering my questions and shedding some light on the many stories that we have heard over the years.


MSG – Hey Stephen (Pogo), I’m super excited you took the time out for an interview. Before we begin, how shall I address you? Stephen, MWG, Pogo? Want to make sure I don’t offend.

SB – You have already named me “Gacy”… but I appreciate the fact that you asked after using whatever you chose.


Stephen Bier

MSG – You were never one to hold back your feelings for your former singer Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson. And recently you shook up the internet rock community wishing Manson’s death via a social network stating, “I am genuinely amazed at how many prominent entertainers and musicians have kicked-off in the last 30 days…too bad Brian Warner isn’t one of them, I can’t wait to do the electric boogaloo, the Texas two step, the waltz, and an Irish jig on his grave.” We all know there had been a serious animosity there. How did you feel recently waking up to all this… “drama” if we can even call it that?

SB – As mentioned in my actual statement, I was making a general statement about my sadness over the death of so many great artists. I only brought up, post facto and in humor, Brian.

MSG – You were in the band for 17 plus years, upon the release of Manson’s Eat Me, Drink Me album many of us were surprised to see you missing. Without getting too personal, what led up to your exit from the band? How do you feel about the newer records? Or have you not even heard them?

SB – You are correct I have not heard those records… however, I hate them on principle.

MSG – Back around that same time you filed a lawsuit against Manson in relation to money owed to you (Touring, Album and Merch sales) and were met with obvious walls to climb. What was that like for you? Spending all that time in this band with a former friend and then being denied what you were owed must have been a major insult…

SB – He and his cadre of lawyers sued me first, because I needed medical attention and they found worker’s compensation to be a problem. I found out that giving up everything to someone who cares about nothing is good for no parties involved.

MSG – After your exit from the band the songwriting suffered as well as ideas and a vast many other aspects you brought to the band, your presence is sorely missed. I’m sure now you’re completely over the whole thing. But, what if a proposal to have you come back in was ever brought up, what would you do?

SB – Both my lawyers and his lawyers brought up this very question… I simply requested money owed and a substantial salary to equal my value, I know that sounds arrogant, but I don’t give a fuck. I am sorry that being a person who appreciates individual American rights is an ass by some sort of bizarre pseudo judeo-christian values.

In addition, I am an owner of the band as one of the original founders… and by salary I mean recompense for involvement. It all comes down to what is a fair share.

MSG – Again, you’re not one to bite your tongue being active on social media and telling many people daily to go piss off. About a year ago you even mentioned you were happy Scott (Daisy Berkowitz) had become ill. Was that just remaining anger at the whole Manson situation or did you have problems with him as well?

SB – I only recently mentioned that I wish he had died of cancer or had cancer because he shit talks… and even more despicable, he demands people pay for his cancer treatment even though he smoked 2 packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day, while I don’t see my Mother or Brother who had cancer, ever going on GoFundMe to pay for their cancer even though they never smoked.

MSG – Were there any talks of a special Edition of Portrait of an American Family back in 2014 as a 20th Anniversary type deal? I for one hoped there would be. It went mostly unacknowledged. What about this year for Antichrist Superstar, have you heard anything?

SB – No.

Portrait Of An American Family album cover

Portrait of an American Family album cover

Antichrist Superstar album cover

Antichrist Superstar album cover

MSG – Back in the Spooky Kids days you had a strong relationship with Gidget Gein and not too long ago posted about how he was a true artist and very missed. Tell us a bit about him. He was indeed truly…an artist.

SB – Examine his art and judge for yourself.

MSG – What is your take on the Music “industry” today? Will we ever be hearing anything new from you?

SB – The industry is reaping what it has sown… you will hear what you will hear from me.

MSG – And finally, if you were to cross paths with Mr. Manson today. What would it be like?

SB – A beat down.


And there ya have it!