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This past Sunday (10/23) the weird world of entertainment lost Pete Burns. Just 57 years old, the androgynous pioneer suffered from a massive cardiac arrest as confirmed by his manager Monday morning. 2016 hasn’t exactly been a banner year as far as deaths go (and hell, a large number of other things too, let’s face it).

A perpetual diva and an entity all unto himself Burns rose to commercial stardom in 1985 when his group Dead Or Alive released the album Youthquake dead-or-alive-%22youthquake%22-covercontaining the mega hit “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)”, which, up until his dying day would continue to remain a meal ticket for the singer as well as a nail in a coffin of a very tumultuous career. When I first discovered Dead Or Alive I was much too young to really understand the endless concept and art that went behind Pete and DOA. As I got older and of course began to really understand Music and Art and obsess over it more and more, Dead Or Alive really did stick out to me. It wasn’t even so much the kitschy music as it was so obviously Pete Burns at the helm of this often bizarre and confusing outfit which I wound up loving. His outlandish behavior and looks over the vast many years made people love or hate him. Not knowing him personally I’d imagine there really was absolutely no in-between. I even missed a chance to see Dead Or Alive play at a beach club once because I was too young to get in. I did indeed try to sneak in after being turned away but got caught. I didn’t want to risk catching any heat from the large security men, me being a young boy with weird hair, eye make-up and a bright polkadot shirt on.

Clearly addicted to plastic surgery, even after his very first botched nose job. Burns continued to have extensive work done, “Getting a new face is like buying a sofa”. His lips were destroyed and rebuilt, he had several rhinoplasties and beyond…way beyond. Apparently no part of his body except the soles of his feet went untouched by needle or knife and his entire earnings were spent on destroying and rebuilding his looks, even selling off the rights of his songs to do so. pete-burnsSelf esteem issues were obviously present in a man who was indeed once beautiful and possessed a voice so powerful it would rumble your floorboards. What can really be said about Pete Burns that he already hadn’t said or done anyway? Not much. There were few as blunt and daring and fucking Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know as one Pete Burns. He showed us all what it meant to truly let your freak flag fly. His outlandish behavior, outfits and commentary on the UK’s version of reality television show Big Brother brought him back into the mainstream. Train wreck or not, you couldn’t take your eyes off him. Bending genre and gender to the point of utter shatter he was truly a force of nature. Whether he was burning American flags in Texas or bridges with record labels, he did it with such a grandiose flair that was uncompromised and next to few if not none.

Icon? Yes. Lunatic? Probably. One of a kind? Absolutely. It’s a shame that another colorful character had to be taken away from us in this very confusing year. Pete may have been impossible but he shared with us the fact that you can do YOU no matter what…but again, at what cost? Money, relationships…your face? I’d dare say that few will ever be as brazen. So, thank you Pete, whether is was brave or just plain crazy I’m hoping you’re shit kicking the afterlife on glitter platforms…”I just keep a hearing, you runnin’ on up my stairs but you’re not there”…R.I.P.

“People always want to know – am I gay, bi, trans or what? I say, forget all that. There’s got to be a completely different terminology and I’m not aware if it’s been invented yet. I’m just Pete.”


Posted: April 21, 2016 in Prince
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There won’t be any first, second…or third drafts. I can only flow with the go and take my fingers as fast as they can run over these keys, impossible to keep time with the thoughts in my mind.

I turned around earlier today, 04/21/16 and saw my friend approaching me with a very solemn look upon her face. “Soda, Prince is dead…” No, this obviously cannot be right. It’s a mistake, it’s someone else, they are wrong – was of course my reaction. Then disbelief and shock turned to sadness. Shortly after that the word started to spread, the internet was being informed of the passing. Of. Prince. It was a very hard fact. My phone then started to blow up. I couldn’t even think straight. All focus was gone, I had an instant headache and just felt sick. I called one of my dearest friends who would always say Prince was her soulmate. I called one of my sisters in between texts from other family and friends. This was very real.

I did not know Prince personally. Although I do believe we would have hit it off. I was, am and will forever be passionately into his work. 2016 has proven to be one of the worst years for heroes, idols and beyond in the world of entertainment. People die all the time, close to us and far from us, we definitely should put more compassion into things in our life other than the death of a “celebrity” that is most certain. But this one, this one is really earth shattering and I can’t say I wasn’t one of those people that didn’t instantly drop a post on Facebook about Prince being gone, because I did. And the world is going crazy as I type this. You see, he was a very special soul, otherworldly even.  And again…I didn’t know him personally. Although, someone that gives you 35 plus years of Music and art and everything in between you kinda feel like you know them. I was introduced to Prince at a young age, my Sisters having some of his albums on cassette tape. I’d hear it, see it…not understand it at all being a little kid like I was. I did always love the music from Purple Rain, it was just easy and certainly a curiosity and always kept me interested. I worshiped The Revolution. As I got older I started to listen to a lot of music and understand it more and really embrace it as a part of my life that would be an intravenous to my heart, truly. There was a period of time where I didn’t listen to Prince all that much when I was growing up and exploring my own tastes and likes. But, it certainly came back around and it was like a beautiful car crash. It was major. He then inspired me in every way, shape and form. He made me feel more comfortable about what I wanted to do on a stage when I first started performing. He was an artist that made me feel better about being myself. I dug deeper into his catalogue, sounds and words and looks. I then realized how important Prince was to my life as an aspiring musician, writer…artist. I’m one of a zillion people that shed a tear for this man today like he was our Brother. In so many ways, he was. Being able to sit down and write and just let my feelings flow about how much I adored this man is so helpful. Seeing so many people share their feelings has been beautiful. Watching so many other major artists tell their stories and seeing the massive respect everyone had for him. The adulation I myself have cannot be measured. That smirk, that cocky attitude, that tiny waist, those frills, that voice! His screaming guitars are forever burned into my brain. His versatility, his ease at writing a hook and playing every damned instrument. God gave Prince everything. He broke all the rules and made his own, shit, he WAS the rules. And you know, really…he will never truly die. The only thing any artist of any kind dreams of doing is making even a bit of an impact. Prince was more like a supernova and I am truly crushed. I’m really feeling this one. Silly or not, I will infinitely miss him. We are going to learn so much over the next few days as to why he passed. He was young, only 57 and always healthy from what we knew. He had been sick the last week or two with flu-like symptoms. Obviously that grew into something much more. No one is immortal, contrary to what any of us thought. Prince…was a human being and he has been called back home.

There will never be another like him, you’ll hear it hundreds of times over the next few days. To you, my fellow Gemini, I’m so grateful for what you have given me, my life is forever enriched because of you. I’d say the world has gone black, but clearly it has gone purple. Party Up.