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Sometimes dedication that starts with a grain of sand can turn into a whole beach. And in the case of UNFITS, they are creating their own island. Check out the wonderful interview below (courtesy of a mystery guest) with lead Unfit El Seuño for a glimpse into his and the bands world. They also seem to have a hell of a new single and video on their hands. Get clicky and check it all out below!

1) You’ve spoken in other interviews about the theory that we are all living in a simulated reality. Can you tell us more about this theory and how it impacts your music and videos?

At this point it is more than a theory, it’s a probability. Meaning, it is statistically more probable that we are living in some form of a computer simulation than living in base matter. I think both the scientific community and modern video game development makes it irrefutable that we are probably living in some form of a simulation. That then begs the question of whether this is the only simulation or whether there is a multi-verse with many simulations. It reminds me of the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe “A Dream Within A Dream.”  If that’s true, then I am a dream. That’s why my name is El Sueno.

2) What went into the decision to film the “Satisfy Me” video in different countries around the world? Which of the destinations was your favorite filming location?

Having been to 50 countries so far, we have such a wanderlust spirit. I literally want to go to all 215 countries as soon as we are able to travel when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.  It made sense to travel to 7 countries for the music video because the synopsis is that the lead protagonist is being inserted “experiences” via computer chips that he can’t distinguish from reality. In keeping with that theme, we wanted a wild range of experiences from bathing in an active volcano in Tuscany, racing race cars through the Dolomite Alps, riding giant squids in Moorea, swimming with giant tiger sharks in Tahiti and shooting RPG’s with the military in Ukraine.  The French Polynesian islands are my favorite.

3) Tell us about the band’s writing process. Which comes first, the music or the lyrics?

Sometimes the words come first, other times the melody comes first. There is no rigidity in songwriting, everything is flexible. Sometimes it’s neither the melody nor the words and it’s an idea or concept that comes first. Everything comes from the endless sea of consciousness and every writer is merely a conduit, not the originator of the song.

4) Do you find yourself revising a lot, or do you like to write automatically?

I am constantly revising everything. Nothing is ever “done” in art, the time in creating merely expires. That’s what makes a life in the arts so appealing, the dynamic flux and continuous tweaking of everything.

5) How do you feed your imagination?

Through creative visualization, travel, literature, experimenting with other instruments, watching documentaries, women, friends, speed, adventure. The point is that imagination likes momentum. It could be physical momentum or mental momentum. Imagination likes to jump into an already moving stream.

6) Have any of the other performers and artists you’ve met given you any words of advice that you’ve particularly taken to heart?

Sometimes performers tell other performers to “imagine the whole audience is naked” in order to overcome stage fright. I tried imagining the audience naked once and was very sexually turned on and it did nothing for battling stage fright. So I think that is bad advice. On a more serious note: demo your songs on a piano or acoustic guitar. If it can hold an audience’s attention at the most primitive level, it will certainly be compelling when all the production and arrangement is completed.

7) What are your feelings about performing live? Do you have any heroes who inspire you to perform a certain way?

What Ed Sheeran is doing live is really amazing and inspiring for me. I am also a big fan of Matthew Bellamy and showmanship in general like Hugh Jackman.

8. What are your top five albums of all time?

> Dr Dre, 2001
> The Clash, London Calling
> Bob Dylan, Bringing It All Back Home
> Michael Jackson, Bad
> Beatles, Rubber Soul

9) Who’s an underrated songwriter, in your opinion?

Carlos St. John, Towns Van Zandt and Kid Cudi.


M-S-G Episode 18Dare I say…I’M EXCITED (once again) to bring you, and you…and you over there, a brand new episode of the MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE Podcast. This one has a few firsts for us, which was awesome. More growth and more moves forward. It is certainly for all the geeks and nerds out there. We dive deep into the new book Hacking Music by John Pisciotta and Wade Sutton who I had a great conversation with. This book is pretty amazing and these guys want you to succeed. So much that they have given our listeners a killer 70% discount on the book by using the code, Soda70 – SO, dive into this one and digest this knowledge and then go order yourself up a copy of this killer book. Thank you John and Wade and much luck with this gem!



MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE Episode 15 (Soda w/Xian Murder)Welcome back! We have another killer episode to roll out right here. I had the chance to get together with my Pal, Xian from The Amatory Murder to finally catch up. Life just flies by as you know so this gave us a great excuse to reconnect. We talked music, life, love, friends, family and all the in between. We are also super psyched to debut his new solo single titled, “Please”. So let’s cut to it. LISTEN, SHARE, REPEAT! Thanks for givin’ a damn!




It’s been a while since I published a new episode of the M-S-G Podcast. Excited to deliver to you number 12, right here, right now. About a month ago myself and Monkey rode into Brooklyn with a quick little set-up to go have some rad words with Shinobi Ninja frontman,  D.A., Doobie, Duke Sims  (he has many a name…)

Anyways, we met up at his brand new print shop in which he was currently remodeling, set up quick (thanks Monkey) and went to town with another great interview. We talked about a lot…Music, Life, Art and beyond, and it’s all here for your ears. So, get in there and give this a listen and share it along. I/We pride ourselves on great, in depth and even sometimes personal unedited interviews. If you really love stepping behind the curtain of an artist, I think we achieve that greatly with this podcast and MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE in general. I’m very proud of the content that has been built here and even though there may not be something for a few weeks, rest assured the return with be sickening.

So here you go. LISTEN, SHARE, REPEAT!




Roger and Soda somewhere in space
This is the interview that started it all! Almost two years ago I wanted to branch out on the blog. I did a phone interview with one of my musical heroes, Roger Joseph Manning Jr., from my favorite band, Jellyfish. This was in depth and absolutely incredible. We thought this was too good to not make it a part of the formal Podcast, thusly we are bringing it back and calling it Episode Zero. It’s not perfect sound quality as it was done on the phone straight forward but it is still so badass. Enjoy and share!



See the original Posts on the blog here:

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MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE has now been turned into a Podcast! Recorded the first episode this past Friday night (01/12/18). Also excited to mention my Pod partna’ is Monkey, my drummer from Nox Cult. This will be the first time we’ve worked together again in almost over a year and a half. Lots to be excited about. We are also looking for guests, sponsors, etc so please reach out.



Roger J. Manning Jr.


Mega thanks to everyone that has read, commented, emailed and all things in between about my adventure here with Roger. He and I both had a blast creating this piece. So, to compliment the article in full, we decided to offer up a Free Download of our entire unedited conversation. It’s almost an hour long and will be a must listen for those that enjoy Roger’s work. In order to accommodate this I have started a SoundCloud page for MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE where you will be able to navigate to and listen to or download the file. I figure this will be a good place to also house future audio in relation to other artists that are to be featured. It’s also just another step in growing M-S-G.

And, be it that this is totally unedited I wanted to point out a funny thing that happens at about 10 and a half minutes in. I forgot to silence my phone during our conversation so one of my alerts went off. It’ll be obvious and good for a laugh when you hear it.

So, go download this amazing conversation, add it to your collection, tell a friend…yadda yadda.


Almost exactly a year ago, Lord Of The Lost came to America for about 2 and a half weeks from Germany to experience playing in the states. The bands popularity had grown so much back home that we here had the chance to see them in very small venues as opposed to the large places they played back in Germany. They literally brought the basics here to the USA leaving behind their bigger show and most every helping hand, leaving really, just the band here…with a van. I had the opportunity to see them in DE and Brooklyn, at two very small venues, in which they turned into larger than life experiences. After the show in Delaware, in the freezing Spring cold, I had the opportunity to interview Chris (The Lord) and Bo Six and well, after just about a year the interview was finally published in an issue of Velum Magazine (see link for hard copy) (
and I figured to kind of “commemorate” that time I would publish it for M-S-G as well, (I know it’s been kinda quiet here.) There is also a video that I will try to upload soon too. Anyway, better late then never. The content is somewhat dated now, but here it is. Enjoy!


A freezing March moment with LORD OF THE LOSTAn interview with Chris “The Lord” Harms with Bo Six


Happy I was around 2011 that I discovered these sexy badass Germans, Lord Of The Lost via YouTube. The video for “Sex on Legs” from their second album, Antagony cinched the deal with me about half way through. Shortly after, I ordered the record along with the first, Fears. Listen after listen I thought how great would it be to see this band in the USA. Great, yes. Likely? Probably not. As I watched their popularity grow overseas I thought, hmmm…maybe? Then maybe turned to yes when a friend of mine, Mama Trash and her company Mama Trash Promotions decided to start a Kickstarter campaign and raise the money to get them here. She worked hard, and it happened. They came, they saw…and well, they kicked ass. The following interview is from my time spent with them in Delaware, March 2014 behind the unlikely sports bar they just tore apart on a bitter, bitter March night.

So, how did the Concept/Name for Lord Of The Lost come about?
“Basically I wanted to make music for people who, well, felt lost, like I sometimes have. I didn’t want to be above them or on top of them. I wanted to be one of them. It’s really about being some sort of spokesperson for those kinds of people. When you get to the core of Lord Of The Lost, you get some pretty serious topics”

I originally found out about you guys through YouTube, the “Sex on Legs” video to be exact. You have some really killer videos; I know you play a big role in putting them together. Do you have any sort of background in film or anything of that nature?
“I don’t really have a background in film I just love to make videos. But as the band is growing I cannot keep up the quality so we look for pros because we want to evolve and make better videos”.

After spending 2 weeks in America on the road, was it what you hoped it would be? Is it something you can see yourself doing again in the future?
“We tried to not expect anything. It has been great and really cool and a great experience although some nights have been tough but it is healthy for us.”

I know you have a new record coming out this year (2014). How do you feel about it? I watched the video for the new single “AfterLife” it seems to be expanding on the vibe that you guys created with your last record, Die Tomorrow.
(Chris) “The ‘Afterlife’ single is more of a simple song and that’s why we picked it ultimately, it’s more of a pop song. The rest of the album will be much harder and faster, some of the hardest we have done.”
(Bo) “Remember the name ‘La Bomba’ hahahaha…”

You seem to keep real busy; putting a record out a year is a pretty impressive feat, what’s your secret?
(Bo) “No sleeping!”
(Chris) “There are so many bands out there that misunderstand the term Rock and Roll. Except for beer and cigarettes we are drug free. We like to work hard and I don’t sleep much. We just have one life and I don’t want to waste it.”
(Bo) “It’s fun, but a different kind of fun because with this band we are really doing something.”
(Chris) “And on this tour I already wrote like 4 songs for the next record after this coming one.”

Aside from the LOTL records, you have a pretty big discography in your pocket from previous projects too. What of these side or past projects are your favorite?
“I actually started LOTL 12 some odd years ago because of the place I was in; I had some very hard times. I wanted to start something else to take myself out of that, which is why I also started a Glam Rock project (The Pleasures), but I did return to where I belong with this band.”

Speaking of other ventures, your most recent is the Harms & Kapelle project. It’s a big departure from LOTL, almost kind of dark rockabilly. How did you put this together?
“Tobias Mertens (drummer) is also in this project. So, I’ve done music for other German artists but never myself in German so one day I decided I wanted to sing one of these songs and I’m a sucker for that older stuff like Johnny Cash and there is no band in Germany that does this kind of music. The lyrical content still remains pretty dark.”

I was super excited to see you play; LOTL is a fairly big production all across the board. Was it difficult to bring this to America from Germany?
“Totally, we had to downsize everything including the crew; with us here it’s just the core band.”
(Soda) “Kickstarter was how you got over here headed by Mama Trash raising over $12,000.00 dollars, pretty amazing.”

I know you have a new drummer in the band, Tobias, he also plays with you in Harms & Kapelle (mentioned above). These guys that you have in your band are incredibly talented. Tell us a bit about your little army. Let’s start with Class as he’s been with you the longest. Then Gared, Bo, and finally Tobias.
“Class worked in a guitar store in Hamburg where I was always buying my strings. We were always saying that we would play together one day because we had always liked each other. And Bo, Gared and Tobias have all been my students. As soon as spots in the band became free I grabbed them.”
(Soda) “Gared is amazing.”
“Yes, he is just about the best musician between us all. He is actually a classically educated drummer, piano is just his hobby, haha.”

When you are not doing music is tattooing something else you do as a job? I know you`re former guitarist Sebsta has his own shop back home. How long have you been doing that?
“I do Tattooing for fun, I can only do simple stuff. I can draw some lines but I’m really not a tattoo artist. Yes, Sebsta is a tattoo artist and very impressive.”

And finally, LOTL seems to be gaining more momentum with each record you do. What’s you next big move?
“The next record (From the Flame into the Fire) I wrote with like 7 or 8 different songwriters. I wanted to get inspired, I don’t have an ego problem where ‘I have to do everything’ it helps me to not do the same thing over and over. Next move is to do more tours and festivals in Germany and Europe. What I would really like to do is a classical album. I’d like to put that out in between this and the next record.”


Chris “The Lord” Harms is also a teacher in his off time at a private University called SAE Institute for Audio Production and Engineering.

Bo also studies Audio Engineering

Soda with LOTL, Brooklyn March 2014

Soda with LOTL, Brooklyn March 2014

The latest Lord Of The Lost album is entitled From the Flame into the Fire which was referenced in this interview before its release.

Lord Of The Lost "From The Flame Into The Fire"

Lord Of The Lost “From The Flame Into The Fire”