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Soda – Jon Soda James

New York

I play Music. MY BAND: coventrycarols.com – I write, make some art. I love movies. I’m a vegetarian & StraightEdge. I’m always on the run. I’m a fanatic about the things I love. Thusly, I present, MUSIC- SURVIVAL-GUIDE!
New content as time allows. Thanks for stopping by.

Music Survival Guide Podcast


New York

By day I educate, by night I potate. One part Abed Nadir, one part Leslie Knope, and one part Xena: Warrior Princess. Former blogger of I Like Weird Stuff (now defunct). A mega nerd with a taste for weirdness, irreverence, and color. Passionate fan, over-thinker, collector, academic. Invite me to your $5 show.

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