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D’Angelo’s tribute to PRINCE

Posted: April 27, 2016 by Soda in D'Angelo, General, Prince, Television

MANY have done so much to show their love toward Prince after his passing last week. To celebrate, to love…to grieve. Springsteen did a killer rendition of “Purple Rain” that he is now offering as a free MP3 download from his website that I suggest you go grab.  Dance Parties, TV, Radio…everyone everywhere has weighed in loud and proud. And I’m sure there is still so much more to come. Last night was no exception to a stunning and breathtaking tribute to the icon, Prince.

D'Angelo on The Tonight Show promo ad

D’Angelo on The Tonight Show promo ad

Sometimes troubled and sometimes absent R&B/Soul artist D’Angelo appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to share his tribute. I’m not necessarily a D’Angelo listener but I know he’s got the goods and very much wanted to tune in to see how he would handle his tribute. His records, though few and far between over the past 21 years have been held in high regard and I know he is a well respected songwriter. Last night, through foggy eyes I heard Jimmy Fallon announce D’Angelo and what he was about to do. I didn’t know what to expect. His choice was to cover “Sometimes it Snows In April” from the Prince and the Revolution era album Parade, songs from his film Under The Cherry Moon. As I realized what he was about to do I was honestly happy it wasn’t “Purple Rain”. “…April” is one of my personal favorite Prince songs. It’s just so painfully beautiful. D’Angelo and his 2 female back-up singers known as Princess, bathed in purple light began an absolutely chilling, haunting, stunning, magnificent rendition of this Prince favorite. It was so emotional even for D’Angelo as he sang the line “I often dream of heaven and I know that Tracy’s there” subbing Prince for Tracy. He could not even get the next line passed his lips as he backed away from the microphone obviously choked up but recovered for the one thereafter. It was so real, it was like all space and time stopped for a second. I just wanted to share the video here in case anyone missed it. It’s so beyond worth a viewing or 10 and all the chills that come with it.

Still celebrating his Purple Majesty.

8 Royal Minutes

Posted: November 5, 2014 by Soda in 3RDEYEGIRL, Minneapolis, Prince, Television

This past Saturday night, the Purple One descended on New Yorks NBC Studios for Saturday Night Live. News was broken through Facebook via the 3RDEYEGIRL Facebook page just about a week or so before. Seems Prince has embraced the Internet a bit more recently after proclaiming, “The Internet’s completely over” a few years back. Gotta love the man…

The night after Halloween, Prince and his 3RDEYEGIRL’s did indeed bring their electricity to the SNL stage, making history with an 8-minute plus medley. Who would have really said, “No, we can’t accommodate that” anyways, right?

Hosting the night was the ever-annoying Chris Rock who proclaimed how lucky we all were as he introduced Prince to the stage to a steadfast and anxious crowd who responded with bluster.

At first only getting a glimpse of puffy white clouds from a stage screen filled with the bluest of skies as the band started their jam. “Y’all ready?” Prince was behind the keyboard sporting his 3-lensed sunglasses as they opened with “Clouds” off of his new album ARTOFFICIALAGE with singer Lianne La Havas front and center on most of the lead vocal. Then melting seamlessly into some hot riffage from instrumental PLECTRUMELECTRUM from the 3RDEYEGIRL debut of the same name in which Prince then magically appeared where Ms. La Havas seconds before stood embracing his guitar and hitting us with sickening and fuzzy dual 6 string action alongside soon to be guitar hero Donna Grantis who looked like she just stepped out of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, fierce indeed. Then came the fast and fun track MARZ which is just over 2 minutes long and is absolute rock splendor. A quick second pause into the conclusion of the medley with ANOTHERLOVE which is just such a phenomenal piece of music full of even more regal guitar work, one of his finest, reminding us that Prince can write any kind of song at any point in his career as a pioneer of music, endlessly breaking down walls.

Also on stage with the core band was a back-up singer seeming to do some minor percussion, Joshua Welton who worked a bit on both of the new records and another session player on the keyboard Prince had left behind early in the set.

Proving once again that he is untouchable and backed by a fresh band full of strong and brilliant women he left us with a gracious bow and a sweet smirk. Prince and his 3RDEYEGIRL are a force to be reckoned with for sure, fresh and edgy; some of his greatest work in years if you ask me.

At the end of the night when the cast and guests lined up to wish viewers a goodnight all were there except for the little Prince. Was he whisked off to an after party in which he was prepping to play ‘til the sun rose? Was he beamed back to the mother ship, or simply making a trip to the bathroom? Ah, the endless awe of Prince.

Both new records are out now.

Prince/3RDEYEGIRL/SNL 2014

Prince/3RDEYEGIRL/SNL 2014