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The graces of Teenage Fanclub

Posted: October 19, 2016 by Soda in Glasgow, Teenage Fanclub

This past Saturday night (10/15/16) Teenage Fanclub returned to NYC’s Bowery Ballroom to a very ecstatic and eager crowd. Just a few weeks prior The Fannies dropped their latest record simply titled Here, (Charting at No. 10 in the UK). The almost bare bones approach the band has been taking for the last 10 plus years has shown that when a band matures a number of things may indeed change, including the sound and songwriting, but in the case of Teenage Fanclub they remain a very sharp force to be reckoned with as far as that is concerned. Their album covers and artwork may be very subtle since 2005’s Man-Made but the content that awaits the listener is, and has always been a blissful experience, even since their noisier days there’s always been…the bliss.

Arriving on stage just after 10pm on a Saturday night in New York City, the band was greeted by an excited sold out audience. Opening with lead track “Start Again” off of their classic record, Songs From Northern Britain, we were all immediately immersed in what Teenage Fanclub was about to offer us this evening (that offering would be 20 songs long). The band would proceed with a mixed variety of tunes spanning their near 30 year run as a group.


Teenage Fanclub Live @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC 10/15/16 (Photo: Soda)

The in between song banter was playful and humorous from Norman Blake. Although Teenage Fanclub doesn’t necessarily have an elected frontman, Norman seems to fill those shoes, and sweetly. As the crowd shouted out song title after song title the men on stage smiled from ear to ear, clearly content with the turn out and enthusiasm. There was never a contest to see who played better or sang louder, the band was just one well oiled machine. Vocal harmonies and instrumental chops still perfection, evident on such songs as “I Don’t Want Control Of You”, “Don’t Look Back” and the infamous, “The Concept” it makes you wonder why this band was never a massive success story.


Teenage Fanclub Live @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC 10/15/16 (Photo: Soda)

As the night pressed on Mr. Blake spoke to and joked with the crowd. At one point he was asked by an audience member to tell whomever it was that was farting the whole night to please control yourself. Over an hour had passed and the announcement from Norman came that the end of the show was evident. Concluding with their biggest American hit, “The Concept”, The Fannies jangled through an amazing rendition, leaving all in attendance hungry for more. And, we would get just that, in the form of a powerful encore including fan favorite, the very upbeat “Radio” off of their ’93 record, Thirteen (this would be the only selection performed from the much maligned album) and concluding the night with “Everything Flows” from their 1990 album, A Catholic Education.

A beautiful and charming performance. Thank you Teenage Fanclub! Come visit again soon.


Teenage Fanclub setlist 10/15/16 Bowery Ballroom, NYC (Photo courtesy of Gabby Lemons)

HERE by Teenage Fanclub

Posted: September 14, 2016 by Soda in Glasgow, Teenage Fanclub


Scotland’s jangly Alt/Pop mainstays return with new album Here. Teenage Fanclub have been gracing us with sound waves for nearly 30 years. Started out as the more garage/noise sounding boys to the now mellow and polished gentlemen they have become. Here is a very subdued sounding record with very little bells and whistles. The songwriting trio of Blake, McGinley and Love however, can still churn out great songs. Sweet in harmony and simple on production the album lends itself to a quaint Sunday morning rather than their 90’s heyday of a grungy Friday night. But that’s not a bad thing because at this point Teenage Fanclub have just about covered everyday of the week. It is by far no Bandwagonesque, the breakthrough record that introduced us to the band. And the tale even goes that not for Nirvana, Teenage Fanclub could have been “that” band.

This tenth studio album and various EP’s, Singles, collaborations to date tells us that The Fannies still have much to offer, albeit quieter, said offerings are still quality. Here, from it’s cover art all the way through to the notes within lend us a sound that will soothe the soul. Standout tracks “The Darkest Part of the Night”, “I’m In Love”, and “I Was Beautiful When I Was Alive” all stand a chance of transporting you to that waterfall painted on the front.

Whether you are new to the band of been around for years it’s a good time to start or continue right Here.