HERE by Teenage Fanclub

Posted: September 14, 2016 by Soda in Glasgow, Teenage Fanclub


Scotland’s jangly Alt/Pop mainstays return with new album Here. Teenage Fanclub have been gracing us with sound waves for nearly 30 years. Started out as the more garage/noise sounding boys to the now mellow and polished gentlemen they have become. Here is a very subdued sounding record with very little bells and whistles. The songwriting trio of Blake, McGinley and Love however, can still churn out great songs. Sweet in harmony and simple on production the album lends itself to a quaint Sunday morning rather than their 90’s heyday of a grungy Friday night. But that’s not a bad thing because at this point Teenage Fanclub have just about covered everyday of the week. It is by far no Bandwagonesque, the breakthrough record that introduced us to the band. And the tale even goes that not for Nirvana, Teenage Fanclub could have been “that” band.

This tenth studio album and various EP’s, Singles, collaborations to date tells us that The Fannies still have much to offer, albeit quieter, said offerings are still quality. Here, from it’s cover art all the way through to the notes within lend us a sound that will soothe the soul. Standout tracks “The Darkest Part of the Night”, “I’m In Love”, and “I Was Beautiful When I Was Alive” all stand a chance of transporting you to that waterfall painted on the front.

Whether you are new to the band of been around for years it’s a good time to start or continue right Here.

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