Posted: October 15, 2014 by Soda in General, OfficialSoda

Greetings and Rockutations kids! The idea for a straight up Music Blog has been something I’ve toyed with for a VERY long time. Being a Listener, Performer, Supporter, Promoter and WORSHIPPER of Music ever since I was a little kid I wanted to finally put my words and rants and raves down “on paper” rather than just into the air. I’ve worked as a writer for a long time now also, and I wanted to finally take the time to really properly merge these two worlds and see if I can finally get a somewhat successful Blog off of the ground. This isn’t my first dip into the Blog pool. I’ve tried a handful, but never fully focused on ONE singular theme, which here I will be doing. I plan on posting often and plan on brining you some truly awesome content. I look forward to diving into this and hoping to take many of you on this rockin’ ride. So stay tuned to the MUSIC SURVIVAL GUIDE! New content every Wednesday (or close to it!) -Soda

Music Is Life

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