Happy Holidays from MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE

Posted: December 24, 2014 by Soda in Christmas Music, General, Juliana Hatfield

I wasn’t quite sure I’d have time for a post this week. Things have been super hectic and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with a post on Christmas Eve. But I got it! So, here I go, no draft, no hours of re-reading or rewriting and mowing over ideas for the week…

My post is simple. I just want to share one of my most favorite Christmas songs with all of you. We hear the standards over and over. And then there are current pop artists that take their stab at Christmas music. But there is really no feeling behind a lot of it. With a Christmas song, there’s a certain vibe I want from it. For example, The Vince Guaraldi Trio’s A Charlie Brown Christmas. Whenever I hear any of those cuts I think of Winter, hot cocoa, ice skates, sweaters. I mean, as far as Holiday music goes, he nailed it.

In the mid 90’s I watched My So-Called Life. Hell, I LIVED My So-Called Life. It’s a brilliant show, was and still is. There is an episode called So-Called Angels. I cry every time I see it. In that episode Juliana Hatfield had a bit part as a homeless girl. She is overheard playing this beautifully sweet and painfully precious song in the music room of the school which she had snuck into for a break from the cold. The first time I heard the sweet melody in which she hums in this song I was whisked away. I was so drawn to this song. I had searched for it after the show and came up with nothing. Even as a young kid I loved to dig for music. A few years after I had discovered it on a great compilation called “You Sleigh Me!” which features Christmas songs by Collective Soul, Jill Sobule, Tori Amos and more. But right in the center of the disc sits this Juliana Hatfield song, “Make It Home.” The crowning piece.

This may be one of my favorite songs, and definitely one of my favorites from Juliana. So here, I am sharing it with you. The odds are good you may have never heard it before. If it is your first time take it in, close your eyes. This beautiful gift is here for you. If you know the song, then ya know what I mean. Would most consider this a “proper” Christmas song? Probably not, but like I mentioned earlier about the whole vibe thing, it’s here. It’s here in spades.

So, Happy Holidays. Be safe, have fun and enjoy the rest of the year however you may celebrate and add this song to one of your Holiday playlists.

(I’ve included the video portion from the MSCL episode above and below is the full recording. Enjoy.)

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