Nope, I did not forget!

Posted: September 2, 2015 by Soda in General, Top 100

The title above…is in relation to a post I dropped back on April 1st of this year entitled “Favorite Recordings”. It was to be a bit of a pet project for me (and still is mind you) in which I would put together a list of my favorite records. I figured a top 50 list would suffice but, as I ran over my vast collection of music I soon realized that I was at over 100 albums that I’d scribbled down onto some paper. Even 100 would prove to be difficult as I love so many albums, truly. I was able to put the list into a spread sheet and have been mowing over it to really whittle it down to this infamous 100. (As seen here, an ominous glowing screen boasting some 100 plus of my fave records, oooooo… <place scary ghost sound here>).

The progress

The list…in progress

Of recent I have finally been able to get back to this project, it’s definitely been on my mind. However, since I posted that back in April I have Toured the Country, started working on a new record, been in an art show…all as my band continues to conquer the Tri-State area. So, I have been busy with really great stuff to say the least. I also absolutely love this Blog here and feel like I have a really great collection of awesome content so far in which I will continue to build on as time allows. With that said I’m going to try to have this final list on here soon with a short special write up for each record in my top 5. Anyway, that’s it for this go round. Just wanted to check in and give the MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE some love! Rock on!

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