Manic Moondays, a score by Rettward von Doernberg

Posted: September 2, 2022 by Kat Meow in Berlin, Film Score, Rettward von Doernberg
Manic Moondays

Berlin composer Rettward von Doernberg has an impressively long list of accomplishments on his website.  I listened to this dude’s EP at first wondering why the tracks were like thirteen seconds long.  It sounded like all the panorama of a Disney scene without any Disney obnoxiousness.  Rettward’s tones are tinkling and pretty and easily conjure a flowery cottage with sprightly animals and not a hint of sarcasm.  I’m like, “This is sweet.  But what am I missing?”  And then the “duh” moment happened. This EP is his score to a short animated film called Manic Moondays!  And I was listening to it moment by curious moment. This little toon was animated by Martin Schiffter and made the rounds at festivals and on TV. 

Nighttime. Dogs emerge to howl at a changing moon.  Gravitational hijinks ensue.  The sparse animation is sweet minimalist sci-fi, aided by von Doernberg’s scoring.  It got some honest chuckles.  Show it to young-ins who want to know why the moon looks different every night.  Check the notes on his page if you’re interested in the technical side of how scores are adapted for different forms of viewing.

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