KODAE – Fractals

Posted: October 5, 2022 by Kat Meow in Canada, KODAE, R&B
Album art

Ooh that groove.  Calgary modern groovers KODAE released “Fractals,” combining the efforts of five intergenerational talents into one smooth beachside cocktail.  I was thinking the mix might need a minor tweak until I learned that “Fractals” was recorded live on the floor.  Annie Da Silva’s voice is delicate and lush with spacey undertone.  This is mellow Sunday afternoon R&B for when you’re sharing laughs and sparkling drinks with friends.

KODAE are Fractals are da Silva’s vox and lyrics, Owen Mcpherson’s gospel roots on the deep five, Seyoung Lee’s lush jazz textures on the keys, Curtis Sauer’s ambitious groove on the drums and Eric Osborne’s fluid harmonies on the guitar.


Kodae InstagramKodae BandcampKodae Website

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